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  • FairPlay / Respect for football League sites

    FairPlay / Respect for football League sites

    Our FairPlay microsite is the best way for sports leagues to manage discipline and confidently reward the best teams, without overloading volunteer managers. Its an online team behaviour rating service in use by grassroot junior football leagues that have implemented Respect.

  • Re-ordering app for Club house bars and cafes

    Re-ordering app for Club house bars and cafes

    TeaRounder is a free companion app for families and large groups to buy drinks and snacks without going to the counter. Getting another round is easy because the Tearounder app remembers who wanted what last visit.

  • Football tournament marketplace

    Football tournament marketplace

    England’s largest online marketplace for junior football tournaments, connecting tournament organisers with team managers. Leagues and CFAs can use it to display tournaments run by member clubs, automatically passing on enquiries from other teams. Is a low effort way to help promote member clubs’ tournaments beyond the League’s catchment area

  • Junior Football League Affiliation and directory service

    The Wycombe and South Bucks Minor Football League manages fixtures for 196 junior teams. Thinkable Cloud Ltd developed and operates a football results service for the League including its website, tables, a hosted club and team affiliations service all integrated with the Fairplay service. Member clubs affiliate junior teams with details such as officials and…