Football tournament marketplace

England’s largest online marketplace for junior tournaments, is where junior football team managers meet Tournament Directors in other clubs and organise their summer football.

The site has a few hundred client football clubs, academies and commercial organisers who list about 60 tournaments each year. In the 10 years running up to 2024, Tournament Organisers were spread around England, in areas shown on the map. Tournaments are an important source of grassroots club funding so I publish stats on the club tournament market to help tournament Directors plan ahead.

Tournaments listed on between 2014-2024

For tournament organisers

Football Clubs or Academies that organise tournaments can now promote their tournaments to team managers in other clubs. Enquiries go by email while keeping private the Tournament Director’s address. Some Tournament Directors prefer to follow up enquiries personally while others set up payment sites for instant registrations. In the first six months of 2024 over 3,300 team manager enquiries were emailed to tournament organisers. That’s before you count direct registrations on Tournament Organiser pages (which we don’t track). Add your tournament.

For football leagues

Junior grassroot Football Leagues use the tournament feed for their League website. It helps member clubs find and promote their tournaments. Leagues are not obliged to promote their members’ tournaments, but for those that do can save the League admin effort listing, updating or removing events for member clubs. You can see an example of this in operation on the South Bucks Mini Soccer tournament page. There is no charge to the League for this.

For football team managers

Football Team Managers compare summer tournaments for junior teams, choose and make enquiries to organisers. All for free. Tournaments and mini-soccer festivals are listed in date order, Age group order and by county

We also list festivals for less strong teamsSix a side, Pre-season tournaments and Maps to find tournaments near to you. This makes it easy for Team Managers to find new tournaments close enough to get there and back in a day

For County Football Associations

County Football Associations (CFAs) can use the tournament feed to operate a tournament page on their own CFA site. All with minimal CFA admin effort and at no cost to the CFA. I provide technical support to set this up.

If CFA sanction status is required I can customise the feed to track and publish a tournament’s progress though the sanctioning process.