Sports League sites and e-commerce solutions

  • FairPlay / Respect for football League sites

    FairPlay / Respect for football League sites

    Our FairPlay microsite is the best way for sports leagues to manage discipline and confidently reward the best teams, without overloading volunteer managers. Its an online team behaviour rating service in use by grassroot junior football leagues that have implemented Respect.

  • Re-ordering app for Club house bars and cafes

    Re-ordering app for Club house bars and cafes

    TeaRounder is a free companion app for families and large groups to buy drinks and snacks without going to the counter. Getting another round is easy because the Tearounder app remembers who wanted what last visit.

  • Football tournament marketplace

    Football tournament marketplace

    England’s largest online marketplace for junior football tournaments. It connects team managers with Tournament Directors at organising clubs. League and CFA sites can use it to promote tournaments run by member clubs. It automatically passes enquiries from other teams. It is an easy way to help member clubs’ beyond the League or CFA catchment area

  • E-commerce services

    E-commerce services

    I am a WordPress and WooCommerce specialist. I create ecommerce sites, sometimes by upgrading an existing “brochure website”. I provide bulk updates of stock levels, pricing and product data plus website care, maintenance, GDPR and security updates.

  • Interim Product Management

    Interim Product Management

    I help corporate clients in the Telecoms, Media and Consumer finance sectors with digital, cloud, payments and other projects that have launched or improved products, services or subscriptions. I have experience of Agile Scrum development environments and a BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile and have taken a variety of Product Owner roles to deliver significant…

  • Contract risk comparisons

    Contract risk comparisons

    Thinkable Cloud Ltd is the technology partner for an online comparison tool. It compares supply contract risk clauses to help small and medium businesses that are thinking of attracting investment. UK business owners, investors and their professional advisors get charts that compare and visualise risks in their supply contracts. Charts that can be used in…

  • Junior Football League Affiliation and directory service

    The Wycombe and South Bucks Minor Football League manages fixtures for 196 junior teams. Thinkable Cloud Ltd developed and operates a football results service for the League including its website, tables, a hosted club and team affiliations service all integrated with the Fairplay service. Member clubs affiliate junior teams with details such as officials and…

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