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Contract risk comparisons

Thinkable Cloud Ltd is the technology partner for the new online tool that compares supply contract risks for small and medium businesses that are thinking of attracting investment or selling up.

UK business owners, investors and their professional advisors get charts that compare and visualise risks in their supply contracts. Charts that can be used in investment pitch presentations or when selling a business, or just to help prioritise which supply contracts need to be re-negotiated first. Thinkable Cloud Ltd has designed and implemented the live demo and is currently gearing up the beta trial site for users.

Fairplay rating service

Fairplay is the online team behaviour rating service for grassroot junior football Leagues that want to identify and reward well behaved teams while identifying and calling to account the badly behaving teams. Team officials submits ratings for the opposition online after each game. Overworked Team Managers can easily nominate Parent helpers to do this. The league gets reports, analysis and is able to publish Fairplay tables on its website just like the FA suggests. This service is in operation with two junior football leagues between them managing 450 teams (about 5,000 players). The largest of these is the  South Bucks Mini Soccer Conference Fairplay scheme which went live in 2015 and contains 250 teams.  I’m always happy to talk to more League committee members interested in using digital technology to manage team behaviour across their League.

Tournament marketplace

Thinkable Cloud Ltd is behind Southern England’s largest online tournament marketplace,  Junior football team managers meet Tournament Directors in other clubs and organise their summer football here. After a major revamp it sent over 3,000 sales leads to the 60 participating Tournament Organisers in 2015.
Feeds are now provided to League websites to help their member clubs find and promote their tournaments. In 2015 mapping was added to make it easier for team managers to find new tournaments close enough to get there and back in a day.
County FAs can use this service to keep their tournament web pages up to date and to track sanctions. More…


Junior Football League Administration service

For Wycombe and South Bucks Minor Football League (196 teams), Thinkable Cloud Ltd developed and operates a football results service including its website, tables,  a hosted club and team affiliations service (yes, they are different) all integrated with the Fairplay service of course. Member clubs affiliate junior teams with details such as officials and venues that vary by age group. The Affiliation capability goes further than the 2015 FA Whole Game release.

Digital, Payments and e-commerce

I help digital payments and checkout projects for blue chip clients (see my LinkedIn profile here).

I help local businesses set up or migrate their e-commerce operations. I’m experienced with BT eShop, 1&1 eShop and produced sites like Chalfont Pond Plants, Services and Supplies launched in 2015.

If my services could be helpful to you, please get in touch soon!

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