Digital, Payments, e-commerce and software as a service

Thinkable Cloud Ltd helps digital payments and checkout projects on an interim or contract basis.

It also helps local businesses set up or migrate their e-commerce operations. It has created BT eShop and 1&1 eShop sites like Chalfont Pond Plants, Services and Supplies we launched in 2015.

Other times during the football season it runs affiliation, directory and Fairplay software as a service for junior football leagues. In the summer it operates a national junior football tournament listing site so that junior football team managers can plan their summer football at FA-affiliated tournaments and festivals.

If these types of services could be helpful to you, please get in touch or read on…

Tournament marketplace

Thinkable Cloud Ltd is behind England’s largest online football tournament marketplace,  Junior football team managers meet Tournament Directors in other clubs and organise their summer football here.

Contract risk comparisons

Thinkable Cloud Ltd is the technology partner for the new online tool that compares supply contract risks for small and medium businesses that are thinking of attracting investment or selling up.

UK business owners, investors and their professional advisors get charts that compare and visualise risks in their supply contracts. Charts that can be used in investment pitch presentations or when selling a business, or just to help prioritise which supply contracts need to be re-negotiated first. Thinkable Cloud Ltd has designed and implemented the live demo and site.

Fairplay rating service

Fairplay is the online team behaviour rating service for grassroot junior football Leagues that want to identify and reward well behaved teams while identifying and calling to account the badly behaving teams. Team officials submits ratings for the opposition online after each game. Overworked Team Managers can easily nominate Parent helpers to do this. League get reports, analysis and publish Fairplay tables just like the FA suggests. This service is in operation with two junior football leagues – about 5,000 players.

Junior Football League Administration service

Thinkable Cloud Ltd developed and operates website and admin portal for two junior football leagues. They include hosted club and team affiliations. The Affiliation capability includes a League Directory portal with Role based access control.

Who is behind the company? See my LinkedIn profile here.

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